Lillian Abramovich

Lillian was the only blond of the family, and was the apple of Jacques' eye.

When she died of complications from Scarlet Fever, Jacques was so broken up he ran away and joined the Abramovich/Bertrams in California.

When the family learned where Jacques was, and with financial help from the Wilders, Anne and the children joined Jacques in California.

Sid believes that there may have been an Abramovich infant in Ploesti who died in an accident, and Jacques, as the oldest child, was held responsible by his mother, Theresa. It is possible that the death of his daughter may have raised the memory of the death of Jacques' sibling years before.

Lillian died of Scarlet Fever in January 1923, and the family moved to Venice in November 1923. Thus, Lillian was never known as Bertram.

Lillian Abramovich
Born: Circa 1916
Died: January 13, 1923, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Last revision: 7/9/96

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