Theresa Abramovich

Rose Berch

Some time after Beresh Abramovich died, Theresa married Israel Berch. "Who's Who in American Jewry, 1938-39" has an article about Rose Berch, a daughter-in-law of Israel Berch. The article reads as follows:

BERCH, Rose Jean Chmelnitsky. Born Winnipeg, Manitoba, May 1, 1892, d. Jacob and Anna (Bernow) Chmelnitsky; came to U.S. 1891. Ed. high sch. Trustee U. Religious Conf. 1929-1937 and pres. its Jewish Women's Guild 1929-37; dir.: Fed. of Jewish Orgns 1932-37, Jewish Social Service Bureau; local pres. N.C.J.W. 1935; vice-pres. Hebrew Sheltering Home for Aged 1933-36. Married Samuel, s. Israel Berch, Jan. 7, 1912, Winnipeg; children: Sybil (Mrs. Leo Hartfield), Irene (Mrs. Howard M. London), Vera, Betty. Club: Beverly Hills Women's. Synagogue: Wilshire Blvd Temple. Address: 1001 Sunset Blvd, Beverly Hills, Calif.
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