The Abramovich & Wilder Families

From Abramovici to Bertram

A brief explanation of the evolution of the Bertram
family name.

Report on records of the Abramovici and Vilder families

found in the Ploiesti Archives
in Bucharest by
Prof. Ladislau Gyemant.

Prof. Gyemant

From Prinze to Wilder

A brief explanation of the evolution of the Wilder family name.

Coming to America

Immigrants on an Atlantic Liner

Library of Congress photo from "Read All About It"
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An excerpt from Joseph Wilder's book, "Read All About It",
explaining the background of why the Abramovich and Wilder families
left Romania and came to America.

The entire book is available at Joseph Wilder's page.

A brief history of the Jews in Ploiesti

From the Nahum Goldman Museum of the Jewish Diaspora

Locate Ploiesti in Romania

A map and brief description of the geography and people of Romania

The Early Generations

The Abramovich & Wilder Families

Connections between the Abramovich and Wilder Families
Including Confirmed and Possible Relationships

(Chart simplified by excluding "unconnected" persons.
Romanian names shown.)

An Animation Experiment

Three Generations of Wilders
A brief movie segment of a mid-1940's family event including Molly, Anne, Emily and Rachael.
Abram Samuil
Born: 1810
Married: Rachel Leibu
According to the records found by Prof. Gyemant, Abram was the father of Beris Abramovici.
Rachel Leibu
Born: 1821
Married: Abram Samuil
According to the records found by Prof. Gyemant, Rachel was the mother of Beris Abramovici.
Beris Abramovici / Beresh Abramovich
Born: March 1857, Ploiesti, Romania
Married: Theresa Isac, November 17, 1881, Ploiesti, Romania
Died: February 25, 1906, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Theresa Isacu / Theresa Isac
Born: August 1863, Ploiesti, Romania
Married: Beris Abramovici, November 17, 1881, Ploiesti, Romania (Died: February 25, 1906)
Married: Israel Berch
Died: January 20, 1954, Los Angeles, California
Chaim Peretz Wilder
Born: 1800
Chaim is believed to have been the first member of the Wilder family in Romania, and to have changed the family name to Valderer. He is believed to have managed the plantation prior to Emmanuel.
Emanuil Vilder / Emmanuel Wilder
Born: 1850, Romania
Married: Rachael Solomon, Circa 1878
Brought the Wilder family to America on the steamer Umbria in 1904
Died: May 25, 1911, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Avram Vilder
Born: 1853, Romania
Professor Gyemant deduced from the records in the Ploiesti Archives that Avram was probably a youger brother of Emanuil Vilder.
Tille Moise Mendel
Born: 1861, Romania
Married: Avram Vilder

Haim Vilder
Born: March, 20, 1891, Ploiesti, Romania
Solomon Jacobson
Inscribed on the grave stone of Rachael Jacobson Wilder in Hebrew, is Rachel bat Shlomo, Rachael the daughter of Solomon. However, on Rachael's death certificate, her father's name is listed as Samuel. Alvin (Abraham) Wilder is listed as the informant on the death certificate.

According to Marshall Wilder, since Emmanuel died when the children, other than Anne and Harry, were so young, none had the oportunity of having a Jewish/Hebrew education. This may explain Alvin's confusion as to whether Rachael's father was Shlomo (Solomon) or Shmuel (Samuel).

The records from the Ploiesti archives found by Prof. Gyemant confirm that Rachael's father was indeed Solomon as Rachael, along with likely siblings, had the name Solomon.

Isac Abramovici
Married: Malca Solomon
According to the records found by Prof. Gyemant, Isac was the father of Theresa.
Malca Solomon
Born: 1841, Romania
According to the records found by Prof. Gyemant, Malca was the mother of Theresa and the older sister of Rachael.
Zeilic Solomon
Born: 1845, Romania
Married: Udl Samoil Adam
According to the records found by Prof. Gyemant, Zeilic may have been an older brother of Rachael.
Tilea Solomon
Born: 1852, Romania
Married: Moritz Rosner
According to the records found by Prof. Gyemant, Tilea may have been an older sister of Rachael.
Rebeca Solomon
Born: 1856, Romania
Married: Lazar Lebu
According to the records found by Prof. Gyemant, Rebeca may have been an older sister of Rachael, and her husband, Lazar Leibu may have been a brother of Rachel Leibu, the mother of Beris Abramovici.
Rachel Solomon / Rachael Jacobson
Born: 1857, Poland (?)
Married: Emanuil Vilder, circa 1878, (Died: May 25, 1911)
Married:[?] Gorman, (Divorced)
Died: February 7, 1947, Los Angeles, California

In "Read All About It", Joe Wilder refers to Beresh Abramovich as Rachael's uncle. However, according to the research provided by Prof. Gyemant, it appears that Rachael was the aunt of Theresa. Rachael's grave stone and death certificate both list her as Rose Wilder. Marshall Wilder informs us that Rachael went to Los Angeles in 1936 on a six-month Visitors Permit, but she never left. This may explain the conflict in names and a lack of documents.

Victor Solomon
Born: 1865, Romania
Married: Bertha David Lazar
According to the records found by Prof. Gyemant, Victor may have been a younger brother of Rachael.
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