Barry (Bud) Bertram

Barry (Bud) Bertram
Born: October 25, 1912, Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada.
Married: Manya Bornstein, June 19, 1938, Los Angeles, California.
Died: May 3, 2011, Oakland, California.
Barry's name, in Canada, was originally Bertram Abramovich, with the nickname Bud. When the family came to California and decided to take the last name Nat had already taken, i.e. Bertram, Bud realized he could not go through life as Bertram Bertram. For a time, he was just Bud Bertram, and then, having been named for Beresh, he adopted Barry and all legal papers from that time on list him as Barry Bertram.
Manya "Minnie" Bornstein.
Born: July 21, 1917, Denver, Colorado.
Married: Barry Bertram, June 19, 1938, Los Angeles, California.
Manya's Jewish name is Manya, and, since the family initially spoke mostly Yiddish in the home, she was called Manya. However, her non-Jewish friends convinced her mother the foreign name would be a handicap. So, she was enrolled in school as Minnie. She was called Minnie through high school until the Principal and good friend insisted she use the beautiful name of Manya.

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