The Bertram Mishpocheh

Guest Book

Sabrina Osowski
Rockford, Illinois, USA, January 29, 1996
Hey, you're a relative of mine!! That's soo cool!! My mom says howdy!! Hope to see you this summer!!

Edward Osowski
Rockford, Illinois, USA, January 29, 1996
It was very enjoyable seeing your home page. Thank You.

Yvonne Garcia
Oakland, California, USA, January 29, 1996
Hi, I'm the step-mother to two Bertram young women, Alanya and Rumeli Snyder. I just wandered in to see what's here and to say hello.

Arnie Bertram
Bedlam, February 2, 1996
Where do you get all the time to do this? Keep it up... We love it. XXXOOO UA

Louis S. Madarasz
Amsterdam in the Netherlands, February 2, 1996
A nice idea, to show your genealogy on the web.

David Paperny
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, February 2, 1996
Wonderful !

John Bertram
Ontario, Canada, February 7, 1996
Hello Bruce! I am a neophyte browser of the Internet. I selected Bertram on a whimsy and guess what I found. My family came to Canada from Ireland sometime in the late 1700's. I am interested in enhancing the genealogy of our family.

Art Carmel
Los Angeles, California, USA, February 25, 1996
Great job, Bruce. It will be facinating to watch this grow.

Beth Bortz
Goleta, California, USA, March 14, 1996
I enjoyed reading this a lot. I wish I could share this with my parents and grandparents but I will be sure to tell them about it. After visiting Ellis Island last November I have been wanting to know more about my heritage and family and now you have given me some more insight.

Michael Tarr
Studio City, California, USA, March 18, 1996
This tree is fascinating, I can't wait to show LIL & MAX, Keep up the great work.

Mrs. Lee Wohl
Montreal, Quebec, Canada, April 6, 1996
My mother's sister, Dorina was married to a Mr. Abramovici in Ploesti during WWII. They had a son. Both her husband and son were killed during one of the bombardments. My aunt is still alive. If you can possibly be related, please let me know.

Sydney Sundheim
Santa Rosa, California, USA, April 10 & 11, 1996
My wife and I are dear friends for over 40 years of Arthur & Madeline Carmel (formely Madeline Bertram). Madeline has a older brother named Perry. ... I registered yesterday. After I wrote I remember I knew your father, Jerry. I was in the furniture in business in Santa Monica from 1949 to 1980. I bought furniture from him when he had Landmark. A very nice man and highly thought of in the industry. Say hello for me.

Jason Perlow
Port Washington, New York, USA, April 19, 1996

Robert Wascou
Sacramento, Clifornia, USA, April 27, 1996
I am searching for information on my great grandmother who was Esther Libba Abrahamovitch later called Fabau or Tabau. She married Israel Faivelovici in Romania. They had 11 children. My grandparents came from Iasi. Please contact me if you have any information.

Mr. Jackie Bortz
Gammelstad, Sweden, May 13, 1996
I would like to ask you if we by any chance are relatives. My grandfather emigrated from Lithuania in the middle of the 1880.

Vic Currell
Perth, Western Australia, May 21, 1996
An interesting concept, good on ya mate and chuck a shrimp on the barbi for me.

Ulrich Friedberg-Valureanu
Haifa, Israel, June 10, 1996
Va salut! Plimbandu-ma prin webul genealogic, sa-i spun asa, am gasit sipe cineva originar dinRomania. Surpriza! Sunt ole hadash, ziarist, am si eu o pagina web: si de putin timp sunt mediatorul unui newsgrup israelian de limba romana ISRO. Daca va intereseaza, va puteti inscrie. Salutarimulte.

Ellen Paperno Wing
Louisville, Colorado, USA, June 11, 1996
Just browsing on my lunch hour & was surprised to find some Papernos. I haven't looked through everything yet but we might be distant cousins!

Wendy Satuloff
California, USA, June 23, 1996
I was just playing and decided to try my last name. Now I am curious as to who you all are. Now I'll wait and see if I find anything else. I have 5 Satuloff family members in California that I know of.

Karen Ann (Bertram) Adams
Pasadena, Texas, USA, July 11, 1996
I just happened to type in Bertram and there you were. I do not know if I am related to you. I do not know much about my Bertram relatives. My father's name was Henry Andrew Bertram.

Rick Brody
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, July 12, 1996
Grandson of Joseph Wilder of Winnipeg; Son of Sanford and Phyllis (Wilder) Brody of St. Paul. Very excited to read about our family history.

Michele Stefano Lepora
Italy, July 19, 1996
Tks to Bruce Bertram for the invitation !

Paul Silverstone
New York, New York, USA, July 27, 1996
My great aunt Eva Finkelstein married Mendel Abremovich in Winnipeg on Nov. 5, 1902. They had four children. He was born in Odessa in 1875 and died in Vancouver in 1958. His father, Lazar Abremovich, died in Winnipeg after 1890. Any connection?

Max Jean Kahn
Brussels, Belgium, November 10, 1996
I am discovering the huge potential of INTERNET.
Your work prompt me to intensify my own research.

Gideon Carmi
Kibbutz Machanaim, Israel, November 30, 1996
Nice site. Looks very pro.
Looked it all over in my hunt for my own family surnames but did not find anything.
Happy Thanksgiving and Khanukka.

Menno Nykerk
Netherlands, December 8, 1996
How wonderfull and saddening.
[Referring to Joe Wilder's account of life in Ploesti.]
Thank you for putting this up.
When did he write this?

Vicki Karno
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, December 8, 1996
You've done a wonderful job,congratulations!
I've printed a copy of photo of Esther Varon's wedding and will send it to my daughter's father-in-law (David Varon) in Hudson, Florida.

John Esgate
West Yorkshire, England, December 23, 1996
I am researching the Esgate/Eastgate Family worldwide.
Thank you for the help.

Steven A. Abramovich
January 6, 1997
My name is Steven Abramovich. My Great-Grandfather immigrated from Eastern Europe in the early 1900's. I don't know if his last name was Abramovici or not would be intrested in finding out if anybody has any information please E-mail at Bowlnkng@AOL.

Greg Bertram
West Point, Virginia, USA, January 11, 1997
Hey, is Bertram a jewish name??

Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, January 12, 1997
shalom peace for all

Robin Lawrence Poses
Downingtown, Pennsylvania, USA, January 13, 1997

Diana Gail Currell
Livermore, California, USA, January 15, 1997
Looking for other relatives; mothers side Harrington & Rinehart - - - Fathers side Currell & Hodges

Lori Anne Youngclaus
Aloha, Oregon, USA, January 19, 1997
I found this really interesting. It seems like I'm the first Youngclaus to leave a message. My dad, George Youngclaus is from Denver, Colorado along with many other living Youngclaus family members. I'm recently attending the University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon. I'd love to here from any other relatives. I have a lot of unanswered questions about our family history that I would love to learn about.

Mimi Barrison
Long Beach, New York, USA, January 21, 1997
Really enjoyed your site! Check out "The Barrison/Oser Family Page" at Also - just developed a new Web Ring called the "Jewish Roots Ring". Your site would be a great addition! For more information, go to

Casey Edward William O'Brien
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, January 22, 1997
I did a net search for Casey O'Brien (my name) to see what stuff whas out there on me (I work as an artist for Electronic Arts, making video games so there seems to be plenty since the projects I work on are really high profile.) And I found your homepage with your family tree. I saw the listing for a Casey (Eugene) O'Brien. And I thought (hopingly) that I was the only Casey O'Brien out there... I guess not!

Ben Bertram
San Luis Obispo, California, USA, January 23, 1997
Thanks for inviting me in. From the patriarch of the tribe.

David Brook
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, January 29, 1997
No, not likely to be Mishpocha, but Ploesti, maybe! My paternal grandmother was a Shapiro from Ploesti, who left Roumania in the 1890s, as best I can tell, for Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. If you come across any Ploesti Shapiros, I'd be much obliged if you gave them my E-mail address. B'Shalom! Also, any old photos of Jewish Ploesti would be appreciated. For der kinder, you understand. Todah Rabah.

Michael Kelemen
Toronto, Ontario, Canada, February 7, 1997
Bruce, I only had time for a glance.
I gather that you have only recently begun to construct this homepage so I don't know how much detail you intend you put into it.
I have never seen anything like this and I like the idea a lot -- particularly the way you can follow a link for more info about a particular person. Are you going to give us more details about the people? Perhaps it is already there and I missed it.
I really liked the changing photos at the bottom of this page.

Sandra Glazer Lake
Bellevue, Washington, USA, February 7, 1997
This is absolutely beautiful. As I search the genealogy lists, I am finding that we are connected. Especially the Winnipeg connection! Eat Ice Cream, it's a pleasure. Shalom

Thomas James Bertram
Toronto, Ontario, Canada, February 15, 1997
Hey what's up!!!!!!! I like Rap, Hip hop and chocolate milk. I grew up in da Ghetto and I slide down hills in cardboard boxes. This is to all you G-Doggs out there keep on smoken.

Jack Mentzer
State College, Pennsylvania, USA, February 16, 1997
Good news about Susanne. Heard about your home page from Sid and Esther in their December letter.

Bob Derksen
Plum Coulee, Manitoba, Canada, February 18, 1997
I was browsing the web, searching for Plum Coulee, which brought me to this web site. I work in Plum Coulee and was born and raised at Rosenfeld, Manitoba, which is 9 miles east of Plum Coulee. Interesting site.

Shirley Ann Koodlach
Portland, Oregon, USA, February 19, 1997
I cannot believe I found this! I am overwhelmed. I am Benjamin Koodlach's daughter, Abraham Koodlach's granddaughter, etc. I will forward the information I have found on the internet to Lowell and Terri Crystal and Auntie Clara. And to my daughter, Robin, who is now 32 years old. I also have a grandson, Riley, who is 3. Thank you for all of this.

Stephan Bertram
Wiehl, Germany, February 20, 1997
Ich grusse alle Bertram's und wunsche Euch alles alles Gute.

Trudi Hedges
Parsonsburg, Maryland, USA, February 21, 1997
Interested in O'Brien, Mary Elizabeth born around 1830 in Ireland.

Trudy Rucker
San Rafael, California, USA, February 25, 1997
My mother, Deborah Leah Wilder Mitrani, and I are trying to complete the genealogy of her father's line. In particular, we are trying to discover where her grandfather, Karl (Kiva) Wilder came from. We know that he landed in the US around 1892 and died around 1915. (His will, a copy of which we own, is dated March 8, 1914, Monticello, NY.) He had at least two wives, Dora Peterson and Rebecca Wilder. My mother's father, Daniel Wilder, was one of 5 of the children of Karl Wilder and Dora Peterson. Dan was born in the US, but some of his siblings, Jack (Zelig), Ida, Abraham and Bertha were born in the "old country." Then, for reasons unknown, possibly Dora's death, Karl married again and had another family. We are trying to locate members of that family, who might be able to fill in some of the missing information about Karl Wilder, and who might like to know about the existence of their forbear's other family. The children of Karl and Rebecca Wilder are named Raphael and Gertrude. Karl Wilder had a brother Elchonon(?) Kivowitz. The apocryphal story in our family was that on Ellis Island, the brother took the name Kivowitz because it sounded more American(!) I would appreciate anything you might know about this, or how I might be able to track down Karl Wilder's birthplace, and port of entry, as well as his descendants that are part of the second family.

Kim Phillips
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, February 25, 1997
We are not related in anyway, just thought I'd drop in for a peek at what you are doing. I must say that I'm really impressed. You inspre me to do similar (one of these days when I have time......) All the best from "Down Under"

Gayle Vigodda Kahn
Port Perry, Ontario, Canada, February 26, 1997
Truly a clever & wonderful web site. For those of us who are just beginning, it is a terrific example of what can be accomplished. Mazel Tov!

Bonnie Voldow
Elkins Park, PEnnsylvania, USA, February 26, 1997
I am trying to research my family tree. Unfortunately the older generation has all but departed this world. No one ever talked about this before, but since my father's family is all gone. I would be interested in learning more about his side of the family. I love your home page. Wish I could do something that good, but am a novice when it comes to computers. If you would like to write, please do.

Terrie Kaufman
Vancouver, Washington, USA, February 27, 1997
I'm impressed and glad I finally took the trip to see your home page. Mine has Koi, no relatives!

Jane Wechsler-Holeywell
Houston, Texas, USA, March 1, 1997
Haven't looked yet. My paternal side is from Ploesti. Do the names WECHSLER, GREENBERG, or ZOLDESTER sound familiar or appear on your charts? My great-uncle, MORDECHAI "PICO" WECHSLER was a slave laborer for the Nazis in Ploesti during WWII, left about 1947-50 to go to Israel.

Jay Lenefsky
Israel, March 1, 1997
Are your Perlows from NOVOMINSK??

Henry Arthur Bertram
San Diego, California, USA, March 3, 1997
Thanks to cousin Bruce for all his time and energy putting this page together! How does he do it and still make a living?

Cynthia Shushan Heller
Hollywood, Florida, USA, March 6, 1997
Excellent web page! Very interesting.

Arlene B. Edwards
West Covina, California, USA, March 6, 1997
As a fellow Romanian, I look forward to your Fabulous Web Page. I am just beginning to view it now and will let you know more when I am finished. ... WOW! What a Home Page!! You should feel very proud!! I'm impressed with all the layout. It's terrific! My folks had friends by the names of Ruben and Jeanette Paperny of Beverlywood, California. It's not a very common name like Edwards!! Thanks for the tour, I enjoyed myself immensely!

Hanna Doron
Rye Brook, New York, USA, March 7, 1997
Great idea, congratulations.

Joseph H. Miller
Lexington, Kentucky, USA, March 10, 1997
Great job---especially the Master Index---the photos are neat as well.

Daniel Bernstein
San Francisco, California, USA, March 14, 1997
Checking out the results of other's genealogy research as a guide to my own efforts which began six months ago. My maternal father's name: Yankel Hersh Calka who lived in Ostroleka, Goworowo?, and Ostrow Mazowiecka, Poland 1865 to 1939-40. Same locations for my grandmother whose maiden name was either Sterdyner or Stardyner. Looking for information about their brothers, sisters, cousins, parents, etc.

Theresa Rucker (Crystal)
Phoenix, Arizona, USA, March 16, 1997
This is absolutely fascinating - I can hardly wait to find the time to read everything that has been posted so far. It's neat to connect with mishpocheh who I haven't seen in such a long time - and some who I didn't know existed! Thank you to Bruce for having the fortitude and patience to put this together!

Robert Bertram
Sebasopol, California, USA, March 16, 1997
Here with Dad (Sidney) browsing on a rainy Sunday. Fun and informative page. I'll look more often. Thanks for providing this info.

Sid Mandel
Carmichael, California, USA, March 16, 1997
Arnie showed me your site and I was quite impressed. I wish I was related! See you in the home videos.

Roni Seibel Liebowitz
Sacrsdale, New York, USA, March 19, 1997
This is very impressive. It was such a good feeling reading about the family, I feel we should be related!! I'm just beginning my searches, and this is a real inspiration! Thanks! Searching: SEIBEL, KLOSS, OSER, AUERBACH, BILSKY, (Poland)

Gimpel the Fool (Aleksandar Ignjatovic)
Singer's stories, straight from them, circumstancially Belgrade, (ex)Yugoslavia, March 28, 1997
Real cool stuf about real cool people!!!
Bertrams are the kindest people I have ever met.

Jeff Ware
Nashville, Tennessee, USA, April 27, 1997
Thank you so much for this interesting and informative website. I realize it represents a great deal of research and hard work. Thank you from a Wilder descendant.

Robyn Carmel Wasserman
Mill Valley, California, USA, May 3, 1997

Jerry M. Dressner
Lake Worth, Florida, USA, May 11, 1997
I have some Abrahmowitz ancestors from Iasi, Romania but have not been able to track them down.

William Wilder
Houma, Louisiana, USA, June 5, 1997
I was fascinated about the Boehemian Wilders. That fact is only glanced over in my biggest reference on the Wilders. The Wilders of S.E. United States are mainly from England: Mass, Maryland, and Virginia Collonies. I have known next to nothing about this branch of the family. Thank you for allowing us to share this information. Best regards, William.

Dietrich Bertram
Westminster, Colorado, USA, June 7, 1997
Wow, what a lot of people with my family name!

Kevin S.
Baltimore, Maryland, USA, June 21, 1997
Mazel Tov on your family tree web site!! It's always a pleasure to see a family with such family pride and pride in their Jewish heritage. I found the family information intriquing, especially as regarding the evolution of the family name Bertram. I salute your value of family and wish you all the best.

Betty Bertram Wilson
Kingsville, Texas, USA, June 21, 1997
On the net looking up Bertrams. Just wondering if we are related? My father's name is Alvin Bertram, and his father's name was Henry Bertram. He lived in Bishop, Texas but came from Germany.

Arlene L. Parnes
Orlando, Florida, USA, July 4, 1997
Great Site - and thank you for the "related map"

Margaret Bertram Graves
Somerset, Kentucky, USA, July 11, 1997
Hello! I just "discovered" your page today. Even tho we may not be "close relatives"... maybe not at all, a BERTRAM is a BERTRAM.... wherever they are!!! So, if you are in Kentucky this weekend, (Sunday, July 13, 1997) please come to the Wayne County Park in Monticello (Wayne County), Kentucky. The Bertram Family Reunion will be starting @ 12:00 noon and ending... well you know how Bertrams' can be! Many blessings to each of you! Margaret

Paul Edises
McCook Lake, South Dakota, USA, July 12, 1997
I saw one "Fanie" Edises in your geneology. This is a new member of the line for me. Please, any details would be greatly appreciated.

Julie (Torgan) Perkins
Chlt, North Carolina, USA, July 20, 1997
What a great idea. Glad to be part of the family.

Vaughn Wilder
Pecatonica, Illinois, USA, July 20, 1997
Just looking for other Wilders or their relatives.

Katie (Bertram) Lucas
Muncie, Indiana, USA, July 21, 1997
Daughter of Weldon Cordell Bertram from Forbes TN. Probably not related to your family. Still looking. Nice page you have.

Robert Israel
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, July 23, 1997
Very impressive. I think we must be related, although none of the names in your family quite match mine. I also have Abramovici and Solomon relatives from the area near Ploesti who came to Winnipeg about the same time yours did: Shimshon Solomon (married Sosha Israelovici, died 1926) and Lupu Abramovici (married Caroline Israelovici, died 1921).

Dale E. Bertram
Burlington, Kentucky, USA, September 21, 1997
This was an interesting site. I do not know much about my family's background, other than my grandfather, Pearl Bertram, was from Northeastern Kentucky. As a family, we do not know much about our heritage beyond that.

Irv Bertram
Seattle, Washington, September 30, 1997
Very interesting. Good detective work!

Daniel Doering
Buffalo, New York, USA, October 1, 1997
Just stumbled through and saw the name "Don Doering", that happens to be my father's name.

Yana V. Torgan
Bellevue, Washington, USA, October 1, 1997
I just typed my last name, and got to this page. I came to the US not even a year ago from Moldova (a part of Romania). I want to see if I've got any relatives here. Transmit salutari la toti!

Bob Wascou
Sacramento, California, USA, October 4, 1997
Just trying to get ideas for my own web page. Yours was recommended as "a really nice page".

H. Morton Bertram III, M.D.
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, October 20, 1997
I am interested in finding some of my grandfathers relatives, he had a sister who moved to Oklahoma from Kentucky probably around 1900-1920. My Great Grandfather was imprisoned by the Confederate Army at age 11 in the infamous Andersonville Prison in Georgia during the Civil War.

Hendrikus Aris Abraham Bertram
Pionierspark, Namibia, October 22, 1997
Hi! I'm called "Hein" (try pronouncing Hendrikus...!), youngest son of George Lodewijk Bertram, Hzn, who was born in Amsterdam, Holland, on 1/1/1923. The earliest that I could trace back, was one Johann Alexander Bertram in Biedenkopf, Germany, who married Gerretje Lagerweij of Amsterdam. I'll be perusing the genealogical charts a lot...! Mashlomchem!

Paul M Lieberman
Charlottesville, Virginia, USA, October 26, 1997
Yours is one of my favorite Jewish family tree sites. I may model some features of mine on it.

Thomas John Bortz
Napoleon, Ohio, USA, October 30, 1997
I am researching the Bortz Family Tree. Any info you can provide would be appreciated.

David Bertram
Rozelle, Sydney, Australia, November 11, 1997
Just a goyish visitor - Shalom to your family! We Bertrams are Australians with Scottish ancestry, Catholics to the the boot-heels, all the way back to the wrong side of the Edinburgh tracks.

Eric Sadoun
Longwood, Florida, USA, November 13, 1997
Hi, I've been surprised to find "Michael Mcdonald" in your list. I have 2 questions: 1- Is he the singer that was part of the Doobie Brothers? 2- If yes, Is he really Jewish? If yes: Great news!!!

Gertrude Singer Ogushwitz
Storrs, Connecticut, USA, November 14, 1997
The BERTRAM Home Page sets a wonderful example; Mazeltov!

Jerome Samuel Satuloff
San Diego, California, USA, November 19, 1997
Please keep us notified of any relatives who are wealthy! If no wealth, please leave off list.

Lillian Wilbur
Washington, USA, December 18, 1997
My favorite thing in the world would be too meet some one with my own name. So I looked it up on the internet and found this. The little girl named Lillian [Abramovich] is beautiful!

Bonnie Giannunzio
Soddy-Daisy, Tennessee, USA, December 25, 1997
Looking for info on some Bertram of Fount and Anna Bertram decendants. They are my mothers kin from the tn area.

Michael Rex Bertram
Adelaide, South Australia, January 14, 1998
I am researching my family ancenstry. My father's name is Rex Leonard Bertram and mother's is Frances Joan Bertram nee Gray. My grandfather was Leonard Alexander and grandmother's nee name was Brausch. Hoping you can help with my search.

Michael Wilder
Corvallis, Montana, USA, February 1, 1998
Thank you Bruce for the hard work. I will be back to watch the site grow.

Judith and Jesse Sookne
Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA, February 8, 1998
Dear Folks: We are part of your mishpocheh! Jesse just discovered your wonderful family tree. We're on the Holtzberg branch. Would you like updates? David Sookne now has three kids, and Harriet Sookne died in 1997. We are going to share at least part of this with my parents, who are very interested. My father put together a partial family tree, which does go back to Europe for a generation or so. Perhaps you found us from that information? If so, from whom? We would like to know what methods you used to find all this information. Also, do you have data from the old country(s)?

Judy (Bernstein) Miller
Baltimore, Maryland, USA, February 8, 1998
I came here looking for any kind of link to my grandmother, Fannie Rothman Bernstein. I know she was Sephardic, from Romania. I don't know too much else except that she came here in about 1900, at age 13, alone. I believe hers was an arranged marriage. I'm hoping to find some links to her. She had a brother, Ben, who lived in Connecticut or Massachusetts and had a rug business. She had a sister, Olga, who lived in Baltimore, but disowned her children, so I don't know who any of these cousins are. Their name may be Siegel. I was excited to see your page because I'm sure my grandparents and great grandparents would have seen some of the same things you describe. Perhaps they were even neighbors to your family.

Gregory Nelson
Los Angeles, California, USA, February 13, 1998
Hey there. I found your site while browsing, out of curiosity, my own name. I never knew that there was this much research done into our family line. I have one correction, though: My sister's name is Melissa, not Melinda. Keep up the good work!

Steve Bertram
Fall Creek, Wisconsin, USA, February 13, 1998
WOW!!! I can't believe that there's another Steve Bertram out on the web. I just typed the search term "Steve Bertram" into AltaVista as a joke. And I found this page. Do I know you????? ;-) Should I know you? Where are you from? Write me and let me know...

Rachael Rouprich Schuler
Grayslake, Illinois, USA, February 16, 1998
Just searching on my family name - Rouprich - and came across this.

Mary O'Grady
Limerick, Ireland, February 18, 1998
At the moment I am in the process of organising a great gathering of the O'Brien Clan in Ireland for 2002. This is a significant date and there will be great celebrations throughout the entire year. It is a great opportunity for family gatherings and will be based in Limerick but touring the entire country. If more information is requested please contact.

Yochonon Berman
Brooklyn, New York, USA, February 22, 1998
I think I wrote to you in the past. I recently did some research in the Brest Archives regarding the Perlov(w) family of the Karlin Stolin dynasty and I came across some Perlov's from Lahishin which is obviously from your family.

Brent Bertram
Okemos, Michigan, USA, February 22, 1998
I can't imagine we're related, but a very interesting site, nonetheless.

Harold Geiger
St. Louis, Missouri, USA, March 1, 1998
My late grandfather was from Kalinkovichi. Do you have roots there, or current business contacts?

William Martin Youngclaus
Arvada, Colorado, USA, March 2, 1998
Thanks for making this info available. Has anyone tried to trace the Youngclause name in Germany? William (son of Paul Youngclaus and grandson of Percy Maniton Youngclaus Jr).

Brian Mahoney
Branford, Connecticut, USA, March 2, 1998
Hello, I sending you this message inregards to your domain name. I'm Brian VP of B.M.B. Food Products, Inc. I was wondering if you would be willing to give up you domain name Please contact me if this is possible. Thank You Brian Mahoney.

Tom Conlon
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, March 6, 1998
Aloha! I stumbled across your wonderful family site and am most impressed. I want to contact you to send you the old photos of the O'Brien family that I have. Please drop me an e-mail!

Beverly Bertram Timm
Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, March 16, 1998
Nice to see Bertrams on the web!

Gregg Abramovich
Montreal, Quebec, Canada, March 17, 1998
Interesting web page. My family name also was Abramovici until my grandparents came over from Romania. I'm interested in doing a search on my history at some point in the near future.

Ann Marie Flood
Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, USA, March 26, 1998
My mother is a Bertram from Fond du Lac, WI. My aunt is the family geneologist. We will have to visit this sight again to see if we are related.

Barry A. Chapman
Van Nuys, California, USA, March 27, 1998
Your family tree is wonderful. I was shocked and delighted to find a reference to a Chmelnitsky on the WEB. My name is Barry Chapman. However, my birth name was Barry Chmelnitsky. I am from Winnipeg and am the grandson of Benjamin Chmelnitsky. I live in the LA area and have been researching the Chmelnitsky family for years. I have even gone back to Canada a couple of times to do research. There are alot of Chmelnitsky around. However, all but one have different last names.

Michael Robert Patterson
Long Island, New York, USA, March 28, 1998
I am the webmaster of the Arlington National Cemetery website ( and recently discovered the following individual buried there. Since I am seeking additional information about this person, and I found this name listed on your site, I was wondering if it is the same person and, if so, you could provide some specific biographical information for addition to the Arlington Site. David Perlow, Lieutenant Colonel, United States Army, Russia, World War I and II - Korea, December 1, 1897 - January 8, 1971.
Thank you for any information that you may be able to share.
(Thanks to Michael Patterson for providing the information and a photograph of Uncle Dave's grave marker at Arlington.)

Philip Trousdell
Salisbury, Wiltshire, United Kingdom, April 12, 1998
Bumped into your page while hunting Trousdells from ireland now spread all over the world!

Robert Perlow
Fullerton, California, USA, April 14, 1998
My grandfather`s name was Hyman Perlow. He married Rebecca Draschler around 1920. they lived in Brooklyn; I think, on Livonia av. Their children were Aaron {my father}, and Beatrice. Hyman`s forebearers may have been from Novominsk. the Draschler`s were from near Kiev. By the late 1800s, the Perlows were in the same area. I would appreciate any and all information pertaining to either family. Thanks!

Henry A. Bertram
San Diego, California, USA, April 20, 1998
Great to hear your Dad and Grandpa's voices again. Is there more?

Charles Bertram
Cape Town, South Africa, April 24, 1998
Hi there - good to see a plethora of Bertrams around the world. I don't think we are related though because these Bertrams came to South Africa in the late 18nth century - from France ( protestants I'm afraid) - any way -keep up the website !!!!!! Totsiens from the Rainbow nation

Marv Satuloff
Walnut Creek, California, USA, May 5, 1998
I'm fairly technical, but this is too complicated!

Tedy Abramovici
Toronto, Canada, May 17, 1998
I am obviously an Abramovici. Came from Bucharest, Romania. My grand father(that I never got to meet, as he died before I was born) was from a small town called Rimnicu Sarat in central south of the country. Some relatives now live in Israel. Any related people in Canada?

Lisa Paperno
Los Angeles, California, USA, May 22, 1998 What a surprise! Some pretty impressive research. Wonder if our mishpocheh is related to your mispocheh? My grandmother was Rebecca Paperno from Russia.... I could get more details from my family... they're more organized than me!

Robin Bren
Arlington, Virginia, USA, June 24, 1998
It was clearly a lot of work and the results are terrific! Thanks for sharing it!

David & Suzanne Rubinstein
Thats cool.....

Demelza Claira Hurst
Western Australia, August 20, 1998
Hi, my last name may be Hurst but that is only because I got my biological fathers last name, otherwise my last name would be O'Brien. My grandmother's last name is O'Brien and I have found out (after long hours searching) that my family goes back to Ireland. Anyways I'd just like to say you have a cool page and I'll come back and visit again sometime.

Izzy Eichenstein
Los Angeles, California, August 25, 1998
I read your tree & we must be related, my mother is a Perlow & the daughter of the Late Novominsker Rebbe from Warsaw.

David and Pat Mandere
Spokane, Washington, August 30, 1998
We were so excited to see this and will be looking forward to reviewing it in the future. Looks like a lot of work went into it. I'll pass the word to other family members.

Pat Lazarus
Kingston, Jamaica, September 10, 1998
I am looking for leads to my grandfather, Louis de Perrot Bertram. His roots are in Jersey in the Channel Islands, and further back, from France. Would appreciate anyone knowing of anything about this man or family to send info to my e mail address.

William James Wilder, M.D.
Houma, Louisiana, USA, October 8, 1998
It is wonderful to discover another branch of the Wilder Family. I can trace my linage to England 1497 Berkshire County. In a book entitled "Wilders of Southeast USA" there is a brief mention of Wilders from Boehemia. Now my knowledge is greatly expended. Thank you for all the work that was done on this labor of love.

Amy Kessler and Daniel Bertram
Stamford, Connecticut, USA, October 11, 1998
Thanks for all of your beautiful work! We can't wait to see our picture here too.

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