Sylvia's photo taken June 15, 1907 in Bucharest

Harry Emmanuel Wilder
Born: (Approximately) May 1, 1881, Ulmi, Dambowitza, Romania
Harry was not sure of the exact day, and so, chose May Day as his birthday.
Came to Winnipeg with Beresh Abramovich and the Abramovich family in 1903
Married: Sylvia Greenberg, June 14, 1908, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Died: September 24, 1948
Sylvia Grunberg (Greenberg)
Born: February 13 or 15, 1888, Romania
Seemah believes Sylvia's birthdate was February 13th, and Miriam believes it was February 15th.
Married: Harry Wilder, June 14, 1908, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Sylvia's parents were Michael & Cati Grunberg.
Harry and Syliva are both featured in "The Jew in Canada, A Complete Record of Canadian Jewry from the Days of the French Regime to the Present Time", Compiled and Edited by Arthur Daniel Hart, and Published in 1926.

Harry is also featured in "Who's Who in American Jewry, A Biographical Dictionary of Living Jews of the United States and Canada", Volume 3, 1938-1939, Edited by John Simons.

Harry Wilder

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