Helen O'Brien

Circa 1926
Home for Young Girls

Helen Meets Chuck Norris
Chicago O'Hare Airport, May 26, 1997

Circa 1932
Golden Gate Park

Helen Cecilia O'Brien
Born: February 7, 1920, San Francisco, California
Married: Leyton Youngclaus, Divorced:
Married: Herbert Goff, (Died 1974)
Married: Billy Branom, (Died 1995)
Herbert Goff
Born: Waverly, Washington
Married: Helen O'Brien
Died: 1974, San Mateo, California
Billy Ware Branom
Born: September 22, 1926, Arkansas
Married: Helen O'Brien
Died: September 25, 1995, San Mateo, California

Helen and Phillip with Leyton and His Family

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