Jacques & Anne

Jacob Abramovici / Jacob Abramovich / Jack (Jacques) Bertram
Born: December 4, 1882, Ploesti, Romania
Married: Anne Wilder, December 31, 1905, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Naturalized: November 14,1947
Died: August, 1980, Canoga Park, California
Anna Vilder / Anne Wilder
Born: March 27, 1885, Craiova, Romania
Married: Jacob Abramovich, December 31, 1905, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Died: January 2, 1953, Los Angeles, California

Anne is variously referred to as both Anne and Anna. When Sid and Esther had Suzanne, they intended to name her after Sid's mother. Rose said that if they wanted to name the baby after their mother, they should name her Suzanne because that was Anne's real name. According to Rose, she was born Suzanne, but shortened her name to Anne when she was a young girl and a teacher in school said that she was too small for such a long name.

Some of Jacques' Wisdom and Memories

Contemplation 1950
From a 1950 New Year's Card
View the hand written version
Private Prayer

View the hand written version
How beautiful creation
How perfect the laws of nature
And Man?
He alone of all, preferred
And endowed with reason
To observe and to enjoy,
Stands faltering and fettered
By flimsy philosophies
A Messiah of Reason
Is even now emerging
From amongst our Children
Let us cultivate them.

O Lord,
Grant each Member, in every Congregation
Two (2) Stout hearted Guardians
One - to escort, said Member, by the ear
The Other - to prod with pitch fork from the rear
And O'Lord, also grant to All
One Admonition
To restrain them in their vexing prayers
And to act, for your sake, like Grown-Ups
And establish a Religion of Reason
For your Creation is based upon Reason
And to forget the myriad laws and
Commandments, attributed to you
And Reduce them
"All to One" "Fair Play"
And then shall all the lands
Merge into "One Wonderland"

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