Morris & Bessie

Morris Paperny/Mosheh Paperno
Born: May 15, 1890, Kalinkovici, Russia
Married: Bessie Perlow, August 6, 1911, Chicago, Illinois
Naturalized: July 16, 1929
Died: August 16, 1962, Los Angeles, California

Bessie Perlow/Bashi Fradle Perlow
Born: August 20, 1892, Lahishin (Logishin), Russia
Married: Morris Paperny, August 6, 1911, Chicago, Illinois
Died: 1974, Culver City, California

We are told that Morris and Bessie first met at the corner of Maxwell and Johnson Streets in Chicago, probably in early 1911. That's where Mrs. Kaplan's house was, and Bessie was living at Mrs. Kaplan's and Morris ate all his meals there. After about a six months courtship, Morris and Bessie were married on August 6th, 1911. We understand Morris and Bessie traveled to their wedding in style, on the street car, loaded down with herring and all sorts of food.

At the suggestion of Morris' brother Barney, who lived in New York City, Morris, Bessie and five children moved to New York in 1919. By 1924, Morris was ready to move again, and the family, now including Sam, moved west to a house on City View in the Boyle Heights area of Los Angeles. Morris and Bessie became very active in the community with philanthropic and charitable work. Bessie worked for Haddasah and the Ladies Advance Club, and Morris with the Independent Free Loan Association. Both worked for the Motela, Lahishin and Jewish Art Institute.

In 1928 Morris built a new home on Redondo Blvd. in the West Adams area. With the crash of 1929 came some hard times. Although their savings were nearly gone, they kept going. They always had time to devote to each other and the family. While others were sad and down-hearted, Morris and Bessie still had a light and happy heart. Often, during the hard times, one would see them packing the whole gang into the Star Touring Car and off they would go laughing and singing Yiddish songs on the way to Ocean Park and Fish Canyon.

When it came to the children, Bessie would make them tow the mark and at times would be very reprimanding, but to deliver the punishment she would call on Morris. She'd have Morris standing by with his strap, which of course he never used.

Within seven years after they arrived in Los Angeles, their friends grew like wildfire. This point was proven in December 1931, when they invited 300 guests to the marriage of Pauline and Al, and 800 showed up.

By 1943, with all the children married, Morris and Bessie moved into an apartment for some peace and quiet. But the apartment living didn't last very long. In 1948, Morris built a duplex, so they has enough room for the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, but most of all they had enough room to entertain their kalucki and poker friends.

Along with their family and friends, Morris and Bessie celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary on August 6, 1961.

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