The Paperny & Perlow Families

Paperna -> Paperno -> Paperny, Perlov -> Perlow

A brief discussion of the evolution of the Paperny and Perlow family names.

The Early Generations

The Paperny Family

The Perlow Family

Irving Paperno/Haeshie Paperny

Nancy Linda Zeldin/Nechami Esther Zeldin

Mendel Paperno

Zelda [Paperno]

Abraham Barney Zeldin/Avraham Beinyamein Zeldin

Leah [Zeldin]

Avraham Yitschak Perlow

Pauline Garbus/Pessel Garbus

Joseph Perlow

Minnie [Perlow]

Schmuel Garbus

Dora [Garbus]

Bessie Kout

Last revision: 7/12/97

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