Rasela Abramovici

Rasela Abramovici
Born: July 24, 1888, Ploesti, Romania
Died: Probably 1889

According to "legend," there was a sixth Abramovici child who died as an infant. According to the same legend, the child died very young in some sort of accident for which Grand Pop Jacob Abramovici was blamed. As a result, Theresa sent Jacob off to school in Germany. In the Ploesti archives in Bucharest, Professor Gyemant found a birth record for Rasela Abramovici born to Beris Abramovici (there is no explanation why Beris signed as Bercu, however, Professor Gyemant suggests it may have been due to an error by the clerk in the Registry) and Theresa born Isac. This was two years before the known birth of Rozelle (August 1890). According to Gyemant, Rasela and Rozela (the Romanian name Rozelle would have had at birth) are different Romanian names, and the similarity may be consistent with Rozela being given a name similar to that of a pre-deceased sibling. Following is the English translation of the Romanian birth record:


Registry for Births

No. 841

1888 July 26, 11 a.m. Birth certificate of Rasela, female, Jewish, born the day before yesterday 5 p.m. in Ploesti, in the house of her parents, Cuza Voda Street 51, suburb Santilor Imparati, daughter of Bercu Abramovici, 30, merchant, and Theresa born Isac, 24, housewife, both under Romanian protection. Declaration made by the father who presented us the child. Witnesses: Iosif Bergher, 58, worker; Abram Sraibar, 52, worker, both resident in the suburb Santilor Imparati, who signed together with us Alexandru Al. Demetrescu, president of the Committee of Ploiesti and Registrar.
Following is a photocopy of the birth record:

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